Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Novel: Firewall

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A Brutal Enemy from the Past.
An Unstoppable Cyber-Weapon.
A Mission Against All Odds.

When a lethal assassin returns from the dead, veteran Forth Echelon agent Sam Fisher finds himself facing off against a dark mirror of his own deadly skills. Forced into a reluctant partnership with the newest recruit to the Splinter Cell program - his own daughter, Sarah - Sam is thrust into a race against time as a sinister threat to global security is revealed.

A powerful cyber-warfare technology known as Gordian Sword - capable of cutting through any firewall in existence - is in play, to be auctioned off to the highest bidder in a rogue's gallery of terrorists, criminals, and renegade states. Sam, Sarah, and their allies must work together to find the truth behind this grave threat and stop the weapon from falling into the wrong hands, but standing in the way is the only man Sam Fisher could never kill. . .

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